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More crib recalls

More crib recalls

Credit: CPSC

Child Craft crib recall fixed side.

by Terri Gruca

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Posted on June 24, 2010 at 9:45 PM

Updated Thursday, Jun 24 at 9:52 PM

Millions of cribs are being recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission again because of problems with the hardware and the spacing on the cribs.

The drop-side and fixed side cribs were all manufactured between 2000 and 2009 by the following companies.

The CPSC is working on a new mandatory standard to make cribs safer. That’s expected to be announced sometime this year.

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) has also launched a new crib safety initiative. They have worked with several manufacturers and are providing free drop-side crib immobilization kits to prevent the drop side from detaching, plus replacement hardware and assembly instructions for cribs manufactured by participating firms. These materials are available free to any consumer by request.

The companies involved in today’s recalls are among those providing immobilization devices or other remedies.

For more information on the initiative go here.

The immobilization devices, which will be available in the next few weeks, should be attached to keep the drop side from detaching from the cribs. Immobilization devices are not a solution for cribs with broken or damaged drop-side hardware. If your drop-side hardware is broken, contact the manufacturer for an alternative remedy.

Last month the CPSC warned parents and caregivers that there can be deadly hazards associated with drop-side cribs. Nine million drop-side cribs have been recalled over the past five years. CPSC staff has determined drop-side cribs generally have a tendency to be less structurally sound than cribs with four fixed sides.

Drop-side crib incidents can also occur due to incorrect assembly or age-related wear and tear. Age is a factor in the safety of any crib. At a minimum, CPSC staff recommends that you not use a crib that is older than 10 years. Many older cribs do not meet current voluntary standards and can have numerous safety problems.

Remember you can always check to make sure your crib has not been part of a recall here.