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Money finding sites

Money finding sites

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by Terri Gruca

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Posted on December 5, 2010 at 10:16 PM

Updated Sunday, Dec 5 at 10:20 PM

Whether it’s savings bonds, pension benefits or insurance dividends, each year people miss out on millions of dollars that is rightfully theirs. The State Comptroller's office just came out with its list of people who are owed money here in Texas. According to the office one in four Texas is owed money.

You can go here to see if you are one of them.

Here are some other sites you should visit to find out if you’re owed any money.

Each year states across the country have about $32.8 billion dollars in unclaimed money. This can be anything from insurance dividends to uncashed checks to utility deposits to stocks and mutual funds. If companies can’t find you they send that money to the state in which you lived. You should always check at least once a year to see if you are owed any money by going to www.missingmoney.com.

The biggest thing to remember when using this site is that if you find you’re owed money, don’t pay a service to recover it. You can do this yourself free. Simply go to the state compstroller's web site which owes you to claim it.

You can find a list of some of the state agencies that hold this money here.

Can't find your state on this list? For example, California is not on this list. Search for your state and unclaimed property division and make sure it is the government site. Here’s California’s.

You will have to put in some identifying information, like a social security number in order to claim it.

Savings bonds

Billions of dollars worth of bonds mature each year without people cashing them in. Want to see if any of the ones you have are mature? Go to this site.

Treasury Hunt contains information on Series E savings bonds issued in 1974 or after.

Retirement Savings

Now to your retirement savings. Few people stay in the same job throughout their life. So if you saved for your retirement you have the option of taking the money with you, transferring it to another account or leaving it behind. If you’ve left your money behind you can go here to find it. Keep in mind in order to find your information on this site you will need to provide your social security number.

If you saved less than $5,000 while you worked at that company, or the company went bankrupt you should check out this site.


Back in the day when pensions were the norm, the federal government set up the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation to protect people’s benefits. Currently the agency has more than $197 million dollars worth of unclaimed pension benefits. In Texas alone 2,496 people are owed  $11.52 million dollars.

So if you've left a job that offered a pension or worked for a company that is now out of business but offered a pension you should see if you've got money. This is a quick check. Just go here and type in your last name.