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Free fitness tools

Free fitness tools

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Posted on February 19, 2010 at 9:25 AM

There are lots of new tools to help keep you on track to meet your fitness goals. The best part is these tools won’t break your bank because they’re all free.

Shop Smart Magazine  put together a terrific list. Here are a few of the sites that can help.

• The American Council on Exercise certifies many fitness instructors across the country. That’s how I got certified as an aerobics instructor years ago. ACE provides some terrific tips on the proper way to exercise including animated photos. Under the Get Fit  tab you can find a library of exercises, recipes, workouts and fitness calculators.

FitDay.com has a terrific tool to help you track what you eat. It’s an online journal that helps you chart your progress toward your goals. You can calculate how many calories you’re eating, how many you actually burn and find nutritional information on thousands of foods. You can go here to create a free online account here.

Log Your Run.com is a terrific site for new runners. It allows you to track your progress. There’s an iPhone app that allows you to not only track your runs, but find different routes and keep track of your heart rate.

There is a free app , but the freebie doesn’t include the routes, heart rate or training program features.

• My husband uses this next site a lot and it turns out there are a slew of sites just like this one. Map My Run.com lets you helps you see how far the path you normally take or find a path near your home that you might want to run. There’s also Map My Walk.com.

Map My Ride.com for cyclists. Map My Tri for triathletes.

For those of you who like to hike check out Map My Hike.com. This is the newest of the sites and started out as just a way to map hiking routes, but now includes a way for you to view the trail in 3D. So far there are 25,000 hikes in 72 different countries.