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Energy Star investigation tough for upcoming Cash for Appliance buyers

Energy Star investigation tough for upcoming Cash for Appliance buyers


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Posted on March 26, 2010 at 8:51 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 29 at 4:21 PM

An undercover government investigation finds the Energy Star labels may not mean much.

The Government Accountability Office conducted an undercover investigation trying to get 20 phony products passed through the Energy Star labeling process. In the end it managed to get 15 phony products labels, including a gasoline powered alarm clock.

In fact the investigation found that the Energy Star program “does not verify energy-savings data reported by manufacturers. Energy Star required only 4 of the 20 products GAO submitted for certification to be verified by an independent third party.”

As a result of this study the government now plans to start testing products before giving them the labels.

That may not do much to help you before the Cash for Appliance program takes effect. Texas’ program offers rebates of between $45 and $1,600 and starts April 16th.

Starting April 5th you can sign up to reserve a rebate. This is to help ensure you can take advantage of the program. Texas has $23 million set aside for this. However, in some states the programs have run out of money before the programs wrap up. So signing up early is a good idea if you know you want to buy a new appliance.

New information:

Per Natalie's question below: the state's phone number and website for people to sign up to reserve these rebates will not be up or available before April 5th. Here is the number you can call starting 7am CST on April 5th: 1-877-780-3039.

You can sign up here for an e-mail reminder.

To find a list of eligible appliances go here.

You can find a complete list of all the Cash for Appliance rebate programs across the country here.

 And remember you may be able to combine the state rebate with the Austin appliance rebate program. For more information on the Austin rebates go here.