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To be the next bachelor or not to be a bachelor at all

by Christie Humphries

Posted on July 2, 2013 at 1:16 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 2 at 10:18 AM

To be the next bachelor or not to be a bachelor at all -- that was the topic of Monday night's episode of "The Bachelorette." 

I'm not quite sure where Monday night's episode went all wrong, but I guess Drew and Kasey weren't willing to let the drama from last week go as they both took it upon themselves to inform Des what they overheard while riding in the cab with James and pretending to be asleep. First of old are these "men"? Who pretends to be asleep? And why didn't they call James and Mikey out when they heard them talking? Why wait all this time to make a big deal about it? I'm sure James did say it. I'm sure they have all said some imperfect things while on the show, but I find it really unattractive how they are all acting like little school girls gossiping on the playground.

Drew even took time out of his relatively perfect and romantic one-on-one date to fill her in on this drama with James. There was no place for that on their date. You should never take away from your own one on one date to talk about someone else.

Then, to make it worse, poor Zak had to deal with the aftermath on his one on one date. Thankfully there was some random nudity in the artist studio to take their minds off James' ambition to become the next douche bag bachelor. Zak actually seems like a pretty genuine guy...kind of a dork, but a dork with a hot body, so it balances him out.

James, on the other hand, should try out for the "Jersey Shore," or maybe he just needs to head back to Chicago with Mikey and pick up some hot chicks on a boat because his time here is done. Frankly, I don't know why Des was so emotional about it. Clearly James was not "the one." She should have just sent him home immediately. We didn't need to see him get all teary eyed and emotional. He didn't even care about Des. He just didn't want to look like a bad guy on television. He didn't want to be a "Ben."

This show has just gotten out of control. No one is on here to find love anymore. They just want to become a TV host or join "Dancing With The Stars." Frankly, Hollywood should have better criteria for picking on-air talent. I would have cut it down to Chris and Brooks a long time ago. Juan Pablo, James, and Kasey went home this week for failing to meet Des' low low standards.

Tune in next week to see if the island getaway will spark true romance for Des or more drama between the ladies...I mean the bachelors.