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Leave them at the Altar

by Christie Humphries

Posted on February 8, 2011 at 12:08 AM

Poor Ali was all excited for her first one on one date until she realized it would be her last.  Honestly, she should have been kicked off for her ridiculous screaming over one little beetle.  If you're screaming so loud that you disturb the group date and you're not even on the group date, you should be kicked out of Costa Rica.  I did feel a little sorry for her that her entire date built her up to believe that they were headed to the altar only to find out that it was some slimy rock in the back of some bat filled damp cave.  Hardly romantic.  And to top it off, Brad leads her into a conversation about her feelings for him only to have him be like...yeah well me not so much.  Cue her in the limo crying and babbling on about how he has taught her to set her standards higher.  Well good for least you've learned that it's not your butt he can't handle it's just your personality.  That's worse in my book.

Chantal O. also had her chance to redeem herself after last week's breakdown and show Brad that she could be worth falling for.  Nothing says I love you like stripping down and putting on the man's shirt.  And it was nice to see the rain wash away some of that blush she's always coating on.  She's a cute girl when she's not whining and acting like a heartbroken jealous teenage girl.  But then again it's better than bitter, scorned 30 year old women like Michelle, who is frighteningly jealous of Chantal and often describes Chantal in much the same way I would describe Michelle.  Hello Kettle...look in a mirror. You shouldn’t be throwing stones in your glass house.  I think Brad is getting a little tired of you telling him what to do.

Let me share with you my point of view on these ladies:

Jackie was cut because she peaked early and never held his attention after that.

Ali was cut because she's pretty, but not sexy and Brad wants a woman who can move the needle, if you know what I mean.

Brit is still in it because she's cute and she's a gymnast and all guys want to see how flexible she can be, but I think she will get cut before Brad has a chance to find out.  She's too nice and not outgoing enough.

Michelle is only there because she's hot.  Put her personality on any other girl and she would have been cut a long time ago.  I think Brad will wise up before the final four.

I think Emily, Ashley, Chantal, and Shantel (unless Brad thinks too much with you know what and keeps Michelle in her place) will get the hometown dates.

I think Ashley will have another jealous breakdown and Brad will decide that she's not mature enough for a serious relationship and won't be able to handle him hanging out in bars all night.

Shantel will probably get cut even though she is probably the only one of these girls that could really make him happy long-term.  I think he'll just get creepy out that she works in a funeral home all day with dead bodies.  I know I do.

Emily won't make it because she won't want to leave Charlotte and move to Austin.  Her daughter and family are there as well as Ricky's parents and I doubt they will want her taking their grandchild away knowing that she is all they have left of their son.

So that leaves Chantal.  I think he will choose her, because he doesn't realize that a girl who just went through a divorce and a relationship of 10 years is not going to be emotionally stable enough to sustain a long-term relationship with him this soon.  They will wind up breaking up and Brad will once again be alone within a year.

I'm sorry to be such a Debbie Downer, but that's how I see it.  And honestly, if ABC wanted to find some good women for Brad, they might have found a couple of women who were at least within 10 years of his own age.  These women are too young, too idealistic, and too emotionally unstable.  Brad needs a woman who can take care of him, who makes him feel safe and secure.  Someone who won't leave him like his daddy did.  I wish you luck Brad!  I really do!