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"Bachelor" Blog: Is that a gamble you want to take?

by Christie Humphries

Posted on February 20, 2012 at 9:48 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 28 at 2:46 PM

The hometown dates are always the hardest episodes to write about. I almost fell asleep twice. It’s not that the show was that bad; it’s just so repetitive. The parents always seem to have the same questions and concerns. By the time date four comes around, I just want to fast forward through it.

I felt like Nikki’s family was surprisingly accepting of Ben considering the fact that she is divorced. I didn’t think that they would open up to him in so quickly. I guess they could see that she was glowing. I mean, who wouldn’t be after shopping for cowboy boots in Ft. Worth? Seriously?! Why do they always have to make the hometown dates such clichés?

Courtney’s dad was a riot. He told Ben, “Marriage is life’s biggest gamble, and there is only a 50 percent chance of winning.” I think with Courtney it might be more like 80/20. I find it all a bit strange that she planned a mock wedding. I hope Ben doesn’t get too caught up in all of her gimmicks and forget that he’s looking for forever. I have a feeling she’s more of a Mrs. Right Now.

Kacie’s family seemed to have the most reservations. They were really concerned about them getting married too soon and moving in together. It didn’t help that her dad doesn’t drink and Ben’s a winemaker. I worry that Ben may have been left with too many concerns about their future together. I hope that her twirling was enough to win him over and realize that this is their life together. There will be compromises, but she’s a solid choice.

Lindzi’s family and lifestyle is probably the most similar to Ben’s, so I’m sure that makes her a very comfortable choice. Hell, even I was thinking that I would like to live on her ranch and have chariot races. However, she seems like she’s still not over her last breakup, and I really don’t see a true connection between the two of them. She may have to ride off into the sunset without him.

Ultimately, it was Ben’s decision not mine. Only three women could move on to Switzerland, and sadly for Kacie, she will never fulfill her dream of being Mrs. Winemaker. It hurt my heart to see her go. I think that she was just too young for him, and I believe that he could not see a future with someone whose family would never accept their relationship moving as quickly as Ben would have wanted it to. She was my pick from the beginning.

At this point, I’m sure he’s going to pick Courtney. He is sure to wind up skinny dipping alone, but not before she gets her 15 minute of fame.