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"Bachelor" Blog: Devil wears red

by Christie Humphries

Posted on January 17, 2012 at 1:37 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 17 at 12:35 PM

This week on "The Bachelor," Ben takes the women to San Francisco to see where he lives and get a little advice from his sister. The ladies are certainly getting more competitive and there is no limit to what they will do to win Ben’s heart.

Emily gets the “love lift us up” date card. I’m sure she was thinking that she would get some romantic date in a hot air balloon or something, but no. Ben takes her on a death-defying hike to the top of the Bay Bridge. I don’t know about you, but climbing to the top of a bridge with nothing but some very short bungie cords to give you some security would not have been my idea of a first date, but you know she’ll never forget their first kiss. If he’s a good enough kisser to make you want to risk your life, then maybe he is the one for you.

The group date was a little more scandalous. Ben decided to take the girls to the top of a steep San Francisco street so they could ski down in some fake snow and show off their assets. It looked like a bunch of playboy ski bunnies sliding down the hill in their scarves and bikinis. The funniest part was Kacie B.’s full moon backwards slide down the hill. I don’t think this was the side of herself that she was hoping to put forward, but Ben seemed very entertained.

Brittney, the girl whose grandmother brought her on the show, decided to make an exit right after she received her one-on-one date card. Apparently, she didn’t want the key to the city or the key to Ben’s heart. Rather than stick around and rob one of the other girls out of time with Ben, she decided to pack her bags and go.

Lindzi on the other hand was happy to take over on the one-on-one date. Ben and Lindzi had a typical date eating ice cream, riding a street car, breaking into City Hall for a private concert, and dinner at the speakeasy. Yeah…that happens all the time. Ben asked the tough questions like, “Why are you still single?” I always hate that question. I think it implies that something must be wrong with you if you don’t have someone, and it forces the girl to give some terribly uncomfortable answer about a past breakup or admission of flaws. In Lindzi’s case she seems to fall for guys who break up over text. I guess Ben thought that was cute, because he gave her a rose.

By the time the cocktail party came around, the girls were starting to rub each other the wrong way, but no one could have predicted what would happen next. Shawntel, from Brad Womack’s II season, came walking through the door dressed to kill and win Ben’s heart. At this point, the girls fell apart. You would have thought that Cindy Crawford had just walked through the door. They started crying and attacking her and running off to hide in the other room. Really?! What’s going to happen in the real world when you run into competition or an ex-girlfriend? This happens ladies. Deal with it.

Ben did not choose Shawntel or the other two girls who were hoping for the last rose, even after one of them passed out. You would have thought that she’d get a sympathy rose at the very least, but no. Ben said he had enough and did not give out the final rose. Shawntel more than anyone was upset and convinced they had a connection. That must have sucked for her. I feel like she just came on the show to get rejected. She should have called first. Apparently driving across the state of California and falling at his feet just isn’t enough for Benny Boy. The girls are going to need to go all out next week if they plan to survive on this season of "The Bachelor."