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Meeting the Bachelorettes

by vrose

Posted on September 25, 2007 at 12:30 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 23 at 1:30 PM

Bachelor Blog – Week One


Last night ABC premiered the 11th season of The Bachelor, starring Austin’s very own Brad Womack. If you weren’t sure that this was going to be the “sexiest season of The Bachelor ever”, ABC makes sure to remind you of it every five seconds. However, this Texas gentleman definitely lived up to all the hype.

I found myself getting a little nervous for Brad as he sat down for his talk with host, Chris Harrison, who asked him how much money he makes, why he’s still single, and what he’s looking to get out of this experience. What I don’t think he was looking for was a room full of 25 crazy women who were willing to do everything from turning themselves into human pretzels to stripping down to their bikinis, just to get a rose.

The first impression rose went to Jenni, the Phoenix Suns cheerleader from Kansas. If you are a long time fan of the show, you should know that two of the past winners were Kansas girls. Jenni is sure to be one to watch, if you can get past her annoying laugh and that ridiculous head band.

The first episode of The Bachelor would not be complete without what I call “The Train Wreck of the Week”. This award goes to sweet, sweet Melissa. I almost caught myself feeling sorry for her as she continued to become more and more inebriated throughout the evening. Let me tell you, when the other girls find your "falsie" on the floor, it’s time to put down the glass of wine. What surprised me the most was her tearful reaction to the fact that she wasn’t chosen to receive one of the 15 roses. Brad made it very clear that he wants a lady who knows her limits.

Who survived the first episode you ask? Well there’s our hometown girl, Solisa, who said that her heart was jumping out of her chest, when she first met Brad. I thought her chest was going to fall out of that green dress any minute and I’m pretty sure that any of the men who were watching the show, were hoping for it. Kristy, the acupuncturist, who gave Brad a tongue reading, was also saved. I don’t know why Brad would save a woman who pokes sharp objects into people for a living, but maybe he saw something in this self-proclaimed “nice girl with a twist”. He saved the girl who broke her face twice (Erin), the Greek chic with the Southern accent (DeAnne), the girl who wore the pageant dress (Hillary), the girl with the worst highlights ever (Michele), and 8 other lovely ladies who are sure to keep him on his toes all season long.

Join me now as we say goodbye to Lori, Jessica, Morgan, Susan, Natalie, Juli (no “E”), Kim, Melissa, Regina, and Tauni. If I could have given these girls any advise before going on The Bachelor, it would have been; don’t drink too much, don’t refer to yourself as “Miss Brown Sugar”, don’t constantly refer to how tall you are, don’t show him your webbed feet, don’t stick your buns in his face, and don’t ever do your impression of a human pretzel…people only ask you to do that at parties so they can make fun of you.

Brad said that he is looking to find his future wife on this season of The Bachelor. Let’s pray he finds a good fish in this sea of crazy.