Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, there's been dozens of drives in Austin collecting items like food, water and toiletries for those affected. Now, one north Austin violin shop is trying to give them something besides the basics that will bring a little more joy and entertainment to young minds.

Employees at the Blackerby Violin Shop decided to host a benefit concert and donation drive Friday night. They'll be collecting gently used instruments for Houston students who lost theirs due to flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

"If I was going through a tragedy I would definitely want to seek comfort in my music," Blackerby Violin Shop employee Caiti Coughlan said.

Coughlan has played all her life and organized the benefit concert. She said after seeing the tragic scenes coming out of Houston she thought about the city's music students.

"The loss of an instrument would be absolutely devastating," Coughlan said. "Violins can range from $500 to thousands of dollars. Not something that's going to be on the top of everybody's list in terms of priority of what's going to be replaced."

Coughlan is hoping people will donate old instruments they have sitting around even if they're not in pristine condition.

"We're willing to do any kind of minor repairs that need to be done," she said.

They'll put the pieces back together, hoping to do the same for Houston music students.

If you'd like to contribute to their cause, click here.