When a disaster like Hurricane Harvey hits, people jump into action. They want to know how they can help. That includes even the tiniest of citizens.

Lily and Penny Wood are serious athletes.

The fifth grade Round Rock student Lily swims for the Nitro swim team while third grader Penny runs for the Cheetah Chasers running club at her elementary school.

Friday, the sisters showed KVUE how they train.

"Then you switch legs, you can stretch out, and yeah you have to switch legs,” the sisters said as they stretched.

The girls are getting ready to raise some money.

After their parents told them about the destruction from Hurricane Harvey, they wanted to do something.

"There are a bunch of people who their homes got destroyed, and they lost everything, so then when we got home, our first response was 'How can we help?” Lily said.

"The girls wanted to do more, and they said you know, 'We only have $8 in our piggy bank you know, what can we do?'” said Mom Katie Wood.

So they decided to use their talents to raise money.

"I'm going to run around the track for 30 minutes, I'm going to swim in the pool for 30 minutes,” Lily and Penny said.

With each lap on the track and in the pool, they are encouraging people to donate.

They created an online donation page through the website You Caring.

"We've already got about almost $400, but by Sunday we're expecting about $600,” said Lily. "We're doing the best we can, even if it's not like thousands.”

"It kind of got away from us, we really didn't expect how much community support they would raise,” said Katie.

They plan to give the money to Round Rock police, who are collecting donations for Harvey first responders.

"A bunch of people are helping the people in Hurricane Harvey, and it's really bad, but I bet the first responders who are there might feel overwhelmed because there's so much destruction and we wanted to help them,” said Lily.

The girls said Houston is a special place to them.

“And it's kind of sad that all of it is destroyed,” said Penny.

They feel it’s close to home for them, and they want to help their fellow Texans.

"It's not just like current events somewhere in the world, there was a big hurricane, and it’s close to our home, so I want to help,” said Lily. "It will take a really long time to rebuild Houston and the people who are living there, their houses were destroyed."

According to Penny, it’s help no matter how big or small.

"Even if you only give like 2 cents, you're still helping lots of people,” said Penny.

"We wanted to help the people there, cause we can, it’s like what we will do, will help people,” said Lily.

And that's something these athletes are serious about.

"I'm glad we can help,” said Penny. "It feels good to help other people."

And mom Katie Wood said it’s something anyone and everyone can do -- step up and help those in need.