A Dripping Springs ranch is going above and beyond this week, rescuing critically-ill horses out of Beaumont to get the veterinarian care they desperately need.

While many are being nursed back to health, the fight to save their lives isn't over.

About 150 horses needed medical attention. Many suffered lacerations and abrasions from being slammed against trees by rushing flood waters.

"I mean, this type of wound-care needs care by the hour," Texas Trail Ranch Director Tina Adams said. "It was like a war-zone there...and to see what the animals had been through was brutal as a horse-person."

Eight horses were recently rescued by the Dripping Springs ranch. Several members drove out to the Beaumont-area, knowing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey would cripple the community.

"We were worried about who was going to go help. And the irony when we got there, everybody wanted to help," said Adams.

Adams and her family grabbed their own supplies, all ready to dive in. She says the horses were trapped inside their pens for over two days.

"They had to get through things like fences and barbed wire that was in their way to swim out. Cars that were submerged entirely that you didn't know there was a car there until the horse swam over it."

Serious infections have taken over several horses. Those animals have been rushed to Texas A&M for special vet care.

"You can see where the skin is starting to fall off," Adams added.

The goal is to get the horses healthy again and reunite them with their owners. Until then, Texas Trail Rides says volunteerism and monetary donations are needed the most.

For Ashley Sansalone, she knew her time spent at the ranch would be valuable.

"All these organizations went through to go down with their trailers, tireless hours that they spent bringing the horses back. I mean it just really touched us in a special place."

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