One thing so many people want to give when tragedy strikes is their time.

Dozens of volunteers have been working out of the emergency response center at the Austin Convention Center for the American Red Cross.

Some of them have been volunteering every day since Harvey became a hurricane.

“Times can be tough,” said volunteer Tamika Smith.

Smith is a Red Cross volunteer who -- even through a computer screen – is helping people. She does so through social media by connecting victims of Hurricane Harvey with the right people or giving them the correct information.

“Making sure people have a place to stay and be comfortable,” said Smith. “I mean, really, these people are trying to survive right now."

It is why she is volunteering on her day off. And so is Denise Dodd.

Dodd volunteered across town at the Austin Humane Society Labor Day, and it was her first time.

"I wanted to do something,” she said. “And this was really accessible."

Dodd said she has her own dog safe at home and told KVUE she works for the Department of Population Health at Dell Medical School.

"I work with a great group of people who spend all their time trying to make other people better,” said Dodd. “There's no better way for me to do that than try to do what I can out here today helping who I can."

A similar attitude can be found among many other volunteers.

“You get more out of the experience than you think you ever will get,” Smith said.

The American Red Cross said about 3,000 people have been volunteering with their organization as a result of Hurricane Harvey.