Preliminary data from the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center shows Texas has nearly 70 reported tornadoes so far in 2017.

The Severe Weather Report Summary for 2017 shows 69 tornadoes, 214 hail reports and 293 wind reports between Jan. 1 and April 17 across the Lone Star State. Based on the 1985-2014 average, Texas sees 140 tornadoes per year, with the most occurring in April-June.

Across the 33-county coverage area of the Austin-San Antonio NWS office, there have been 10 tornadoes in January and February. Five of those tornadoes were EF0s, two were rated EF1s and three rated as EF2s.

It should be noted these numbers can easily go down in the coming months. Storm information does not become official until 60 days after the end of the month, meaning the only official numbers in the NWS database are from January.

A great example is a weather office gets six reports of a tornado on the ground. The preliminary data has each report listed as a separate tornado. When the damage survey is done, the NWS determines it was the same tornado that was on the ground for 10 miles. The six separate tornado reports get condensed into one tornado report.

Finalized data from 2016 is available, and SPC lists 90 tornadoes in Texas in 2016. This is a grand departure from 2015 when 228 tornadoes were listed in Texas.

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