Recent weather headline stealers have come from the Tropical Atlantic Basin. Major Hurricane Matthew tore a path along the Florida, Georgia, and Carolina coastline. Winds gusts upwards of 100 mph. This morning, Major Hurricane Nicole roared by Bermuda with wind gusts above 110 mph.

These were two very devastating storms, but you don't necessarily need tropical system to generate such ferocious winds. In fact, there are two storms taking aim on the Pacific Northwest right now that could create hurricane force winds.

While a parade of storms are common in during the Autumn and Winter months in the Pac Northwest, the strength of these two moving in should be monitored closely.

The first will be slamming in tonight with winds along the Oregon and Washington coastline exceeding 60 mph. Below is a computer model depicting just that.

The second storm will be more powerful and expected to arrive Saturday night. Winds along the coast could be stronger than 80-90 mph. Even some of the higher elevations along the Cascade Mountains could have a gust near 100 mph.

Not only will this be a huge wind event, inland flooding will be a major concern. When the two storms are combine, many locations could pick up well above 10 inches of rain.

Higher elevations could see even more. The model above illustrated hot spots (purple color) of nearly 20 inches of rain. If this pans out, mudslides, flooding, massive power outages, and a multitude of downed trees will cause serious damage.

Something to pay attention to over the coming days.