I like to tell a lot of people who are interested in weather and astronomy to "look up once in a while, because you never know what you'll miss."

This coming Monday, especially at night is going to be one of those times to look up as a celestial treat is coming.

A supermoon is going to light up the sky and this is no ordinary supermoon. It will be the largest since 1948. The moon will look approximately 14% brighter and 30% larger. Therefore, the dark of night will appear to have an extra bright glow.

Good news is that the weather will cooperate in central Texas. Sky conditions should be generally clear, giving us a perfect view of this fantastic phenomenon.

If you miss this event, you might be able to catch the next one. The moon will come this close to Earth again on Nov. 25, 2034.

Make sure to take plenty of pictures and share it with the KVUE Storm Team. Send us an email to snapshot@kvue.com, spotnews@kvue.com, or post on our social media accounts with the hashtag #KVUE.