It has been an unusually quiet cedar season so far, but that's about to change this week.

"Usually the first major cedar pollen spike is between Christmas and New Year's Day," said Dr. William Howland with the Allergy and Asthma Center of Austin. "With the warmer weather this week, I expect the trees to 'pop.'"

Dry and windy conditions are in the forecast for Thursday and Friday, and this is the timeframe when cedar levels could get to their highest levels so far this season.

So now is the time to prepare for the spike in cedar before it reaches the high category later this week.

cedar pollen bloom

"It is best to start steroid nasal sprays, like over the counter Flonase, before the pollen is high. Recent national guidelines suggest that steroid nasal sprays are the first-line treatment for nasal allergies, even before antihistamine pills like Claritin," said Dr. Howland.

Cedar season expected to be a doozy, doctors say

Cedar season typically starts in early December, peeks in mid-January, and is usually over by mid-February.