Following record setting high temperatures, the weather will finally match the calendar. Our first shot of really cold air is pouring into central Texas right now.

The culprit, a major winter storm, slamming the upper mid-west with their first blizzard of the season. While blizzard conditions will not be felt here, a trailing cold front (leading edge of cold air) will sweep through.

In fact, cold air has already moves into the Texas Panhandle with temperatures in the 30s this morning!

Behind the cold front, a strong wind is helping to rush in the winter-like temperatures. Because the cold air is moving in so quickly, wind gusts will be around 20-25 mph this afternoon with peaks to 30 mph.

Overnight, the wind will subside a bit and with a clear sky overhead temperatures will drop very quickly. A freeze is not expected tonight, but it will be a shock to your body.

Typically, the coldest air comes along the second day following a front. Therefore Saturday night to Sunday night will be even colder.

Temperatures will be in the 30s everywhere with a possible freeze in the deepest valleys and river beds of the Hill Country. Therefore, think about your pets, keep them indoors, and take care of any tender vegetation. A prolonged hard freeze is not expected, but still this is the first real blast of the season.

Stay warm and the KVUE Storm Team will keep you informed with the latest.