AUSTIN – Allergy forecasts are calling for high levels of cedar pollen in the air throughout Central Texas this weekend.

People new to Austin may not know how bad their reaction can be. Austin native Teri Morgan has a simple piece of advice.

"Go see an allergist right now," Morgan said.

KVUE meteorologists take allergy counts every day, and it is looking to get much worse before it gets better.

"Now with the cold front coming in early Saturday, that's going to shake the cedar trees, spread the grains of pollen everywhere and that's why we are likely going to see some of the highest counts since last year recorded this weekend," said meteorologist Albert Ramon.

Allergists warn it is best to be ready by having the nasal spray, eye drops and allergy medicine on standby; something Morgan has learned over the years.

"It seems like if you can prepare yourself and get ahead of, it's not as bad," she said.

Just because you haven't had any problems yet, does not mean it can't sneak up on you.

"Some people that are new to the area may not experience that until they've lived here a couple of years but once you've lived here for a while, you know to take cedar season very seriously," Morgan said.

If you have a trick or home remedy for dealing with cedar allergies, visit our Facebook post and share it with the community.

In 2014, KVUE Meteorologist Jared Plushnick went around the Austin area to measure where the pollen count was highest: