A tiger on the loose in Henry County is now dead. Early Wednesday morning, police closed the ramp from Jodeco Road to Interstate 75 because of reports of a tiger loose on the interstate.

According to police, the tiger jumped the fence of a residence in order to chase a dog. Officers said they had to put the tiger down because they did not want a human to come out of the house and get hurt.

It is unknown where the tiger came from and police are still on the scene to investigate what happened.

The dog's owner, Brittney Speck, said that her dog, Journey, is doing fine. She has been living in the home for almost 2 months.

Speck says she woke up to police lights and hysterical barking.

"I poked my head out the front door and then one of the officers yelled at me to get back inside, which is fine I just went to the back window to check on my dog just to see what was going on back there, and looked to the right. If you're looking out my back window in the dining room, you can see my entire backyard and then you can also see the neighbor's backyard and they have a vacant van back here in their backyard and I saw a tiger. It was a tiger on the far side, closest to my house."

"I'm thankful my kids weren't out there and it happened when it did. Because it could have been a lot worse."

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Photos show tiger killed in Henry Co.

Over the years there have been several reports of large felines roaming the Henry County area, so this is not new.

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove has several tigers but posted on their Facebook page that all of their animals are accounted for. The sanctuary said they responded to the scene with hopes of "chemically immobilizing the tiger and bringing it Noah's Ark."

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