Homegrown Trailers was created in Seattle last year to fill a void.

"The creator and his daughter went to go camping, but didn't like sleeping on the ground." Company Co-founder and Brand Ambassador Joshua Moreman said. "So they went to an RV show and everything about the RV show was off. Gassing, Toxic...just unattractive."

So Homegrown Trailers was born. They hand build their custom trailers using all natural materials and weather-proofing.

"It's also self-contained," Moreman said. "So it's solar powered. Two weeks ago Wednesday this trailer left Seattle and it hasn't been plugged in since."

Moreman showed KVUE's Jason Puckett the inside of their trailer which can sleep 4, has air conditioning, a complete kitchenette, a composting toilet, fold down work area and can be extended to fit someone up to 6-foot-5.

"We like to think the outdoor sustainable-minded person doesn't have to exist inside a normal RV," Moreman said. "They can come outside and cook and be in the outdoors. You're not going to spend the whole time in the trailer, but we want you to have all the amenities.

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