Lake Travis and Westlake will meet again, seven weeks after their previous meeting. "It wasn't pretty for us that night", said Chaparrals' head coach Todd Dodge about this season's first meeting which

Lake Travis won, 49-7.

The Cavaliers' head coach, Hank Carter expects a typical grudge match in Friday's 6A-I Region IV championship, "we do think that both teams do some things different, but when it all shakes out in the 2nd half. They are who they are and so are we".

What Westlake is, is a much healthier team. Fifteen Chaparrals have suffered and recovered from significant injuries. Dodge said, "this football team is put together with bailing wire and duct tape."

Westlake quarterback, Sam Ehlinger returned for the area round playoff game against Converse Judson after suffering two knee injuries against Katy and a broken thumb in the 1st meeting against Lake Travis.

Ehglinger shares the same drive his rivals in Lakeway share.. The drive to play tackle football deep into December. "In the past we've done a good job of getting here, but hopefully this year we'll go all the way and finish", said Lake Travis offensive lineman Brenden Jaimes.

Westlake's health has improved and relishes the opportunity to redeem themselves and advance to the 6A-I final four, again. "It's going to be fun. It's always fun to play those guys. We're going to give all we have and they're going to give all they have" said Chaps offensive lineman, Joe Heironimus.

The clash of the 6A titans will take place at the Palace on Parmer, also known as Kelley Reeves Stadium.

"I think it will be sold out. I think it will be 15k people there. Which will be awesome", said Lake Travis head coach Hank Carter. Dodge added, "it's one of the greatest high school venues in the state of Texas. It was built for these types of games".

It may be one of those storied rematches folks will be talking about for years.