With reports surfacing Sunday that the Texas Longhorns have decided to fire head coach Charlie Strong, many UT fans had differing opinions and perspectives on the possible change.

William Anderson is currently a UT student and has watched all the Longhorns' games this season.

"I grew up a UT fan," Anderson said. "Both my parents went here."

While Anderson grew nervous going into Saturday's game against the Kansas Jayhawks, Cain & Abel's bartender Elliot Gonzales said he expected a win.

"Oh, this is another routine win and everything," Anderson said. "It's going to be awesome."

Once Saturday's game started, Anderson didn't like what he saw on the field.

"First play of the game, obviously, we had that big touchdown," Anderson said. "But then nothing after that. Shane [Buechele] couldn't throw all game."

The Longhorns ended up blowing an 11-point 4th quarter league to the Jayhawks, as Kansas tied the game to send it into overtime. Cain & Abel's bartender Peyton Talman questioned some of the decisions made towards the end of the game.

"The fourth quarter came and Charlie Strong made some weird calls," Talman said. "It was hard to watch."

Talman's coworker Gonzales said that once the Longhorns ended up losing in overtime, he could hear groups of fans starting chants.

"As soon as we lost, a bunch of people here just started chanting, 'Goodbye Chuck' and 'See you later Charlie,'" Talman said.

Kegan Bradley recently graduated from UT and expected more his team this season.

"I really thought we were going to be back after the Notre Dame game," Bradley said. "I drank the Kool-Aid. To take a loss there, that guy basically signed his own execution warrant for that one."

However, Bradley said he likes the culture change Strong brought to the program and wishes he could finish out his contract.

"I wish they would let him finish out because of his commitment to the school," Bradley said. "Also, what about the 10 million dollar buyout of his contract?"

Anderson said he believes it is a difficult decision to let Strong go but that it's the right one."

"I think he's a great recruiter and a great schemer, but he just has never really been able to put our team together, especially with all the funds and great recruits we have gotten," Anderson said. "It's just time. Time to part ways."