Everywhere the eye could see was Uber. Uber water, Uber jerseys, even an Uber tunnel with Vince Young leading flag football teams out onto the field..

Former Longhorn football greats like, Aaron Harris, Sloan Thomas, Emmanuel Acho, Selvin Young...and Richmond McGee. All teamed up with Uber drivers and Ubers users for a flag football tournament.

Needless to say, this may have been the world's best collection of flag football talent ever assembled.

"You're catching a lot of athletes outside of their prime, so I'm not sure how much juice they have in their tank", said former UT linebacker, Emmanuel Acho.

"Ramonce Taylor said we need to start up a 7-on-7 league. I think we'll win that a couple of times", said Vince Young.

There were rare sightings like former lineman, Casey Studdard playing quarterback.

Of course, everyone wanted to be on the receiving end of V-Y touchdown pass.

All of these former Longhorns enjoyed the day and took time out to rave about the current Longhorns and Tom Herman's leadership.

"I would say these Horns have the talent to win 9 or 11 games", Acho said.

Ramonce Taylor said, "I can't say a specific number of wins, but I just hope that they all buy into what Coach Herman is teaching and come together. You gotta have the juice and bust your (expletive)".

Vince Young added that he's noticed a special chemistry with Herman's Horns during August camp.

"These guys stuck together and I can tell how much fun they are having on the football field".

The fun begins one week from Saturday at DKR Memorial Stadium against Maryland.