We've witnessed Tom Herman's humorous side in a recent press conference while joking with UT Sports Information Director, John Bianco after he told the media there's time for two more questions.
Herman looked over to Bianca and said, "Time for 2 more, I'll tell you when there's time for 2 more"
But, Tom Herman is a meticulous braniac with a plan.
A plan to infuse success into the Longhorns football program.
UT assistant coach, Craig Naivar said, "I think that's what makes him so unique as a head coach everything is planned long before the situation ever happens".
In other words, Herman focuses on alignment within the UT program. 
"The word alignment is probably the most important word we have", said assistant coach, Drew Mehringer.
The definition of alignment, is the state of arrangement or cooperation among persons or groups with a common cause. Texas assistant coach, Stan Drayton said,
"we're trying to win a national championship where one guys in one direction and another going into another direction, it doesnt happen"
That's why the word alignment is incorporated into the daily language this spring and is used by everyone involved in the Texas football program. 
"you got to change a young man's way of thinking and that's exhausting, but the rewards are unbelievable", said Herman.
You may be surprised how many times that 3 syllable word is heard or said each day by the Longhorns coaching staff. Texas offensive line coach, Derek Warehime took a guess,"mmm, I don't know what the number is?" But, offensive coordinator, Tim Beck took a stab at the estimated times "alignment" is said daily, "over a hundred". Warehime added, "it gets said enough, I know that".
So much so, that alignment is carried over into the homes of the UT coaching staff. Beck jokingly said,
"all the time. every time I tell my wife, this stuff is not aligned".
I asked Drayton if he is aligned every more he wakes up, "Absolutely! That's all I have to say about that".
Good answer.
Tom Herman's 1st spring football camp at UT concludes Saturday with the spring game at DKR Memorial Stadium.