One year ago, Thorndale High School was two points shy of playing for a state title, losing to Canadian in a state semifinal game, 47-46.

The Bulldogs are returning to the Alamodome on Friday with state semifinal experience.

Thorndale senior guard, Ryan Biar said that tough loss and playing at the Alamodome last year will help them this time around,"I don't think we'll be near as nervous".

Maybe the Dogs will win on Friday and win place more state title signage on their gym wall or as a certain Thorndale legend says, "all the way".

Brandon Grimm is a Thorndale native who has a passion for Thorndale athletics. The Bulldogs', Logan Fisher said, "it doesn't matter which sports we participate in, he's (Brandon Grimm) our biggest fan".

Whenever Grimm is not around the Bulldogs state bound basketball team, you can find Bubba at his family's restaraunt, Schroeders Place entertaining folks or working. Due to work obligations, Bubba won't be able to make the trip to San Antonio to follow his Bulldogs to the state tournament.

In an interview with Grimm, I told him he's a hard working man. I asked him if he was going to take some breaks on Friday to either watch Thorndale's game on tv or listen to it on the radio. Bubba said, "well, they're going all the way".

Quite honestly, Bubba has the Bulldogs believing they will. "I don't know what we'd do without him (Bubba). His smile brings love to everybody", said Fisher.

The Bulldogs would love nothing more than to return and tell Bubba that they indeed went all the way..