On any given day, you can find Jimmy Saxton staring at a tribute on his wall to his father on the wall made by his wife. A tribute to the late Texas Longhorn great and college football hall of famer, James Saxton.

Jimmy Saxton said,"dad was more interested in getting the game over and getting in the car and make sure we wouldn't miss opening day of deer season".

Just like his dad, Jimmy became a Longhorn quarterback in 1990.

Samuel Saxton is a young sophomore quarterback who was recently moved up to varsity at Westlake. His father said, "he's in great hands with (Westlake head coach) Todd Dodge".

Samuel is also in great hands at home where he understands the Saxton legacy. His dad, Jimmy said, "I've encouraged Samuel to be his own guy".

Samuel is proud of who his grandfather was and his father is trying to teach him what his hall of fame dad taught him. According to Jimmy Saxton, that is, "God, Family, football, and that's the priorities here. I like to think I'm telling Samuel what my father would've wanted to tell him myself."

The youngest Saxton is quite humble, but he's quick to point out the differences between him and his dad. Jimmy Saxton said, "he knows he could throw the ball better than I could or my dad. He's a straight up quarterback. I threw like I was throwing darts".

Jimmy Saxton humors it all and maybe in a couple of years Samuel Saxton may make a name for himself at Westlake with his arm, unlike his father who made a name for himself with his feet.