The past few weeks you've probably seen a few videos online of folks standing still and posing to the sounds of the latest hit song, Black Beatles.

College and high school student-athletes, the 8-1 Dallas Cowboys, and even folks in their offices, and newsrooms. It's become viral.

It's true choreography, but Cedar Park High School head football coach, Carl Abseck said,

"I've not taken part in that...I would have hard time sitting still".

But, Carl Abseck's Cedar Park Timberwolves football program did produce their own rendition as did the Cedar Ridge Raiders after winning the district championship..

The key to a quality Mannequin Challenge are unique poses and costumes..

The front office of the Round Rock Express nailed it.

Charlie Strong's Longhorns accepted the Mannequin Challenge before making their trip to Texas Tech...

UT receiver, Dorian Leonard said, "we had some guys walking around that didn't know what was going on, we might try it again, you never know".

A mannequin challenge in true championship form is all about timing, no blinking or movements, and dancing in unison when a certain lyric hits..

But, in the channel of champions (KVUE) newsroom, our talented staff preferred to keep it professional...

Mannequin Challenge accepted.