The field house and the practice field are basically 2nd homes to football coaches and their families during the season. Cedar Ridge High School head coach, Shawn Bell concurs, "I'm never home they kind of have to come to me".

It's a way of life for all coaching families. For example, Reagan High School head coach, Keith Carey picks up his son Luke from school before every practice. "He brings me to my mom", said Luke Carey. His mom and Coach Carey's wife is a teacher at Reagan High School.

Luke usually has a tough decision.. Spend time with his mom or with his dad on the Raiders' practice field.

Regardless, these are priceless bonding moments for sons and daughters of football coaches.

Bell's 2-year-old twin sons, Cannon and Braxton enjoy wearing their dad's spare whistles around their necks along with a Cedar Ridge cap and will join their dad at practice occasionally.

All coaches' children do enjoy game days the most. Shawn Bell said, "They want to go out and get the tee Friday nights and Thursday nights".

It's a hectic time of year, but the sons and daughters of coaches wouldn't want it any other way.

In fact, some coaches' children have superstitious routines like Sadie Sanders, the daughter of Vandegrift head coach, Drew Sanders."I get to draw pictures for him and it's lucky", Sadie Sanders said.

Motivational pictures of Vandegrift and their opponent each week..

Sadie, who is a 3rd grader, is definitely a daddy's girl. In fact, she has a goal to play for her dad one day. She said,"I want to be his 1st girl quarterback".

Inspired by her dad and influenced by being raised in a field house.