Thousands of track athletes and fans make the annual pilgrimage to Austin for the Texas Relays.

From sprint races, relays, distance races to field events, it's a hectic schedule..

But, where do these athletes go in between events?

Addressing proper nourishment, hydration, and sleeping; it all takes place under the bleachers.

According to one Lake Travis track athlete, it's a time and place to joke around and get ready for their race,

"We keep it relaxed before we go out and compete"

It's somewhat shocking what you find underneath the bleachers. It's like a hotel. Blowup mattresses. All the food you could ask for. Hammocks hung by the rafters of the bleachers.

In other words, what happens under the bleachers, stays under the bleachers..

There's actually an unofficial competition taking place under the bleachers at the Texas Relays beginning with nap taking.

"I didnt bring it today, but I usually bring a cot", said Lake Travis hurdler, David Patrick.

I asked Georgetown High School's Madison Thomas if they have discussed what they need to bring under the bleachers for next year's Texas Relays, she said, blowup mattresses, didn't think of that".

Priceless Texas Relays experiences..