AUSTIN, TX, October 17, 2016—On October 14, 2016, both the Men’s and Women’s Varsity Cross Country teams at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy won the TAPPS 5A District 3 Championships. The two teams now advance to the State Championships on October 29 in Waco, TX.

The District wins represent back-to-back 2015 and 2016 championships for both the Men and Women. In 2015, the Women’s Cross Country team also went on to win the TAPPS 4A State Championship.

St. Michael’s freshman Jackson Long ran an outstanding race to take first place. Additionally, all Women and all Men Varsity Cross Country runners for St. Michael’s placed in the top 10.

Under Coach Augie Alcala, who also coaches Track & Field, St. Michael’s has won six District championships, one regional championship, and two State championships (Women’s Cross Country in 2015 and Men’s Track & Field in 2016) in two short years.

Coach August “Augie” Alcala III, a 2009 graduate of St. Michael’s and a champion runner himself, commented, “The sense of pride and passion I have coaching for St. Michael’s is indescribable. To be able to come back to my alma mater, and return my program to prominence is an absolute dream come true.”

The two teams started training in May, running 30-40 miles a week during the summer. “That is what it takes to be a champion. I am blessed to have a group of athletes with levels of determination and commitment that are unparalleled and almost unheard of for high schoolers.”

He went on to explain that a team typically includes a few senior leaders but that on both the current St. Michael’s Men’s and Women’s teams, “every single one of my athletes is a leader, and they have all committed to doing what it takes to be champions.” He says his philosophy as a coach is the belief that “champion is a lifestyle, not just a title.” He added, “I have emphasized this every day since the first day of practice, and our athletes are committed to this idea.”

In the top 10 of the Women’s two mile competition at the championship meet held at the Dell Diamond in Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, the following runners for St. Michael’s placed as follows: Alexandria Glenn (junior), second place, with a time of 11:50.1; Kinga Parrish (sophomore), third place, 12:05.6; Lyla Senn (sophomore), fourth place, 12:10.9; Mary Hodapp, fifth place, 12:11.2; Danielle Escutia (junior), seventh place, 12:16.6; Maria Nowlin (senior), eighth place, 12.22.1; and Roberta Gonzalez (sophomore), ninth place, 12.28.2.

In the top 10 of the Men’s three mile competition, the following runners for St. Michael’s placed as follows: Jackson Long (freshman), first place, 15:02.1; Joe Lawler (sophomore), third place, 15:39.9; Carloz Ramirez (freshman), fourth place, 15:49.2; Matthias Mahoney (junior), fifth place, 15:50.8; Jacob Pratt (sophomore), sixth place, 15:55.4; Joseph Hodapp (senior), seventh place, 15:57.1; and Nathaniel Mahoney (sophomore), eighth place, 16:10.1.