Reagan High School quarterback, Alvin Harper has a name many Dallas Cowboys fans know all too well.

The Raiders' senior quarterback is completely aware of who he is despite the fact that the other Harper played on two of the the Cowboys Super Bowl champion teams in the 1990s.

After I asked the younger Harper is there anyone else who shares the same name as him, the Reagan quarterbacks aid, "It's obvious, the old Dallas Cowboys receiver. I've been hearing it since I was young".

Reagan's quarterback shares the same name as this 2-time Super Bowl champion, former Dallas Cowboys receiver but this Alvin Harper lacks a certain facial feature, a mustache.

I asked the Raiders' senior signal caller if he remotely thought about changing his identity with an old school Alvin Harper 'stache, he said, "I want to have my own identity".

But, Harper's identity is that of a passing quarterback. He is the 3rd best quarterback in Central Texas with 2100 yards passing.. His head coach, Keith Carey said, "watching that kid finally have a chance to play quarterback and just watching him have success has been the best".

A senior leader for the Raiders..

who waited his turn to become Reagan's quarterback and lead Reagan to the postseason for the 3rd straight season. Alvin Harper said, "we got a close one with Travis.This Crockett game is real important. We clinch a playoff spot if we beat Crockett. That McCallum game is what we're looking towards and head into the playoffs."

This Alvin Harper is confident and composed just like that other Alvin Harper.