If you've navigated around Pflugerville on FM 1825 you have noticed a new athletic facility. Directly behind Pflugerville ISD's new athletic offices is a gem of a stadium.
A state of the art, 10,000 plus seat football and soccer facility with an artificial surface located across 1825 from Pflugerville High School.
The stadium is aptly called The Field with a silent P. One unique feature about this fine facility in Pflugerville is what's missing. A track. Pflugerville ISD athletics director, Todd Raymond said,"I kind of equate it to my old home field,House Park. Coaches might not like it, but it leads to a neat experience to the fans and the players."
Until the 1st game on August 31st, 1st year Pflugerville ISD athletics director, Todd Raymond is refining his tour guide skills.
A new facility to usher in a new era of leadership of Pflugerville ISD athletics, a district which is opening a 4th high school this fall, "It's awesome to be a part of a district that's growing as fast as Pflugerville is", said Raymond.
Todd Raymond spent the previous 2 decades as a football coach in the Austin area.
Raymond's 1st week on the job in Pflugerville, he received a UIL gold medal for Hendrickson's state title in girls soccer. 
A golden welcoming gift along with an office with a view of this gem.