As pressure continues to mount on Charlie Strong, plenty of fans still made their way to Darrel K. Royal Stadium Friday morning, eschewing Black Friday deals to cheer on Texas.

"Well obviously the results over the past couple years haven't been exactly as what the fans would hope. But nothing deters us from having a great time at our tailgate," said season ticket-holder Ted Heaton.

"We invite everybody. I don't care male, female, if you're (cheering) for the other team. Everybody's welcome. And that's what it's about," added fan Matthew Avila.

Braving overcast skies, fans began pouring in around 7 a.m. Friday to set up their final home tailgate of the season. While the big story is typically what happens on the field, the discussion amongst many fans was the decisions off it. UT Athletic Director Mike Perrin pledged to evaluate Charlie Strong's status following the TCU game, but many fans we spoke with showed support for the embattled coach.

"I think he deserves another year. He's still working on getting - he's got young players, so I think he deserves another year," said Jim Garcia, who estimated nearly 200 people could stop by his tailgate.

"We've got a great coach. We have a guy who really does a great job with the players, and obviously the payers support him. And that means a lot to me," added Jeff Harris, who's been a season ticket-holder for nearly two decades.

"I think he's a good coach. I think he's for the future, I think he sets up kids for the future. But here in Texas, you got to (win). I'd like to see him stay, but if it happens again next year, what do you do? It backfires It's a tough decision," said Avila.

That decision is out of their hands, so fans control what they can, maintaining the community feel they've experienced through ups and downs, wins and losses.

"What else is there?" said Heaton.