AUSTIN -- Texas Longhorns head coach did not give offensive coordinator Shawn Watson a vote of confidence Monday after the school's third straight abysmal offensive performance.

When asked about the offensive staff, Strong told the media Monday that he and the school have "to evaluate where we are" when it comes to the offense.

Strong questioned why running back Johnathan Gray didn't get the ball more in the shellacking at Notre Dame on Saturday. Gray rushed the ball eight times for 40 yards in the game, a respectable 5 yards per carry average. Strong said the game plan should include getting Gray the ball at least 20 to 25 times a game.

"We have to change. We have to get better on offense," Strong said of his Texas team.

One look at the results from the last three games Texas has played gives ample evidence to the offense's woes.

In the final game of the 2014 regular season, Texas managed just 10 points against TCU and managed just 90 rushing yards on 36 attempts in the four touchdown loss, Swoopes tossed four interceptions in the loss and managed just 200 yards passing through the air.

Texas made Arkansas, a middle-tier SEC team, look like a national title juggernaut in the 2015 Texas Bowl. The Longhorns had a total of 59 total yards in the game with 57 passing yards and two yards rushing on 18 attempts. (note sacks are subtracted from rushing yards in college) This was against an Arkansas team that allowed 423 yards of total offense to Missouri just a few weeks prior to demolishing Texas.

Then in Saturday's debacle at Notre Dame, Swoopes managed to complete just 7-22 passes for 93 yards against the Irish with the Longhorns not managing to get past mid-field until the last possession of the first half. For the game, Texas had 163 net yards of total offense in the game on 52 plays, just 3.1 yards per play.

Strong said he would be more involved in the offense going forward and that as bad as it has been for the team thus far, it will get better.

"Things can always get fixed," Strong said, continuing saying that it's just about rolling up your sleeps and getting things done.

Whether or not that includes Watson going forward remains to be seen for the Longhorns.