It's been a challenging week for a team which has endless love and respect for their head coach.

A team which has no clue if their head coach will return after Friday's regular season finale. 3rd year Longhorns head coach, Charlie Strong said, "our guys know what's riding on this game".

A bowl bid will be extended to the Longhorns with a win over TCU.

"Don't quit on me, I won't quit on you", that's the message from the Longhorns embattled head coach.

Senior quarterback, Tyrone Swoopes said, "everybody loves Coach Strong and I think everybody wants to go out and play for him and the seniors".

The Longhorn seniors who were signed by Mack Brown can avoid the most losses by a senior class since 1938 with a win over TCU.

That class lost 26 games over 4-years. The current group of seniors has experienced 25 losses. But, they will playing for and rally around, Charlie Strong.

Senior defensive tackle Paul Boyette, Jr. didn't hold any emotions back when he said,

"The only thing we can do is go out here enjoy Thanksgiving with him. If we're blessed to win and go to a bowl game and have another month with him, I'm fine and dandy with him".

Eighteen seniors including walk-ons and former walk-on defensive back, Dylan Haines will make their final appearance at DKR Memorial.

The son of a Longhorn legend, is tied for 5th on UT's all-time interceptions list with 13-picks.

"He gave me an opportunity I think 99% of coaches would'nt have given me. I've been able to do things because of him and for this university that I would not have been able to do".

Haines and this group of Longhorns seniors will pay tribute to the man who changed their lives in different ways, Friday afternoon.