Avenging a season opening loss to Converse Judson in the area round of the playoff was rather impressive. Lake Travis head coach, Hank Carter said the steady improvement began with mental aspect of the game, "we have finally understood that we can play and beat anybody if we play our best".
The Cavs' 2nd half rally included this memorable leap by Kyle Wakefield over a Judson defensive back. A leap his teammates were were impressed with, "I'll give him a 10, that boy got up", said defensive lineman, Reid Bacon.

But, Lake Travis's 3rd round playoff trip is definitely a 10.
"I told the kids if you Google South Padre Spring Break, that is not what you're going to see this time of year", said Carter.
Yeah, the Cavs will stay on South Padre Island Friday night and make the half hour drive from SPI to Los Fresno on Saturday. Lake Travis lost the coin toss to determine the site of the game, but the Cavs see this 365 miles trip as a WIN.
"After a huge emotional win last week, we'll get to basically live together for 2-days", said quarterback, Matthew Baldwin.
Lake Travis head coach, Hank Carter believes the one day experience near the Texas/Mexico border will be a much needed experience for the team."I've got some kids who moved here from Chicago who have never seen the ocean, we're going to check that out", said Carter.

The beach will require swimsuits and Cavaliers quarterback, Matthew Baldwin said he will make sure the L-T offensive line it outfitted properly.

When I asked Lake Travis quarterback/receiver, Hudson Card about Baldwin planning to purchase the linemen all a pair of speedos, he said (laughing) "I haven't heard that, but knowing Matthew, it may be an option". Hank Carter chimed in and said, "it's a European look, but some of our offensive lineman may look good in it".
If you look good in a speedo, you play well in a playoff game or something like that.

Lake Travis and Los Fresnos meet in Los Fresnos on Saturday. Kickoff is at 2:00 PM.