Kansas State's hall of fame head football coach has won over 200 games in 26-seasons. Bill Snyder's most significant win was defeating throat cancer during this past off-season.

Snyder acknowledged that it could've been much worse.

"I didn't go through the mental anguish that some people do and many people I talked to about", Snyder said.

Snyder received his throat cancer diagnosis back in February. From that day on, he received an outpouring of support from across the nation from the college football community and random people who expressed their well wishes on social media.

I asked Snyder what he learned from this battle during the off-season, Snyder said, "The major thing I learned is how many caring people there are in this world".

Coach Snyder carried on with his life in the same demeanor he has during his coaching career.

Except this battle included chemotherapy treatments and his physicians ordered him to stop drinking coffee.

Throughout it all, Bill Snyder never waivered or thought about retirement.

"People have asked what would your words of encouragement be to others? That is live your life and go do what you do and keep doing it".

Coach Snyder is doing just that, football games at age 77, that 2-years old than Texas head coach Tom Herman and OU head coach, Lincoln Riley combined.

Snyder and his Wildcats visit Texas Saturday evening.