Eleven years after a devastating loss at the Rose Bowl, the University of Southern California Trojans beat the University of Texas Longhorns by three points in a nail-biting overtime game.

With the win, USC remains undefeated for the season (3-0) while the Longhorns are now (24-27).

The Longhorns are expected to play Iowa State Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Follow the game highlights below:

First Quarter

-Texas kicks off the game. Velus Jones Jr. returns 19 yards

-After Texas Defense gets off the field, UT's offense opens with a big play to Collin Johnson.

-Chris Warren II rushes middle for 3 yards to the USC 22 yard line

-Both teams miss opportunities on fourth down to start game

-With less than 7 left in the quarter, USC at 3rd & 2 at the Texas first yard line manages to get to first and goal

-USC takes opportunity to make touchdown, but pass is incomplete

-Trojans don't take chance with kicker for a field goal.

-Texas defense forces second fourth-down stop for USC.

-USC intercepts pass from freshman Sam Ehlinger. Trojans start at Texas 39.

-Texas gets the ball back after Reid Budrovich punts touchback.

-Quarterback Sam Ehlinger wasn't ready for the snap. USC recovers loose ball.

-First quarter ends without either team scoring

Second Quarter

-USC Ronald Jones II rushes for 3 yards to the Texas 19

-Sam Darnold sacked by Texas' Anthony Wheeler, sends USC back 9

-USC attempts 46-yard field goal but it's no good.

-UT offense gets another chance to establish run

-UT gets first down

-Ehlinger makes incomplete pass. USC gets ball back

-Texas defense forces second incomplete for USC. Trojans forced to punt out of own endzone.

-Texas starts at USC 41-yard line for 1st and 10.

Ehlinger gains four yards on rush, but gets sacked at 2nd & 10.

-USC defense puts pressure on Ehlinger, forces freshman quarterback to toss incomplete pass.

-USC starts with an incomplete pass at 1st & 10 with nearly nine minutes left to go in the second quarter.

-Darnold passes completion to Tyler Petites for 7 yards to the USC 30

-Stephen Carr, Ranald Jones II both rush for zero yards for USC. Texas gets ball back at 10-yard line.

-Kyle Poter rushes right for 2 yards to the Texas 7 yard line

-Ehlingher rushes to the middle for 3 yards

-USC wins the game with a 43-yard field goal at 4th & 9

-Final score 24-27 Trojans

Ehlingher makes an incomplete pass to the middle at 3rd & 10. USC gets ball back

-Sam Darnold starts at 1st &10 with an incomplete pass but recovers at 2nd &10 with an 11-yard rush from Stephen Carr.

-Darnold makes a complete pass to Deontay Burnett for a 15-yard touchdown. Chase McGrath adds on to the score with a field goal.

-After complete pass by Texas' Sam Ehlinger to Collin Johnson for 28 yards, Ehlinger gets sacked twice.

-USC forces turnover, Deshon Elliot returned 36 yards for a touchdown.

-Joshua Rowland makes field goal to up Texas' score. Game tied 7-7.

-Ronald Jones rushes right for 7 yards to the USC 44 yard line.

-Darnold passes complete to Jones again for 56-yard touchdown. Chase McGrath finishes with field goal to take lead over UT.

-USC leads at the second half 14-7

Third Quarter

-Texans gains 24 yards after catch from Collin Johnson.

-Ehlinger passes to Armanti Foreman, gains 10 yards to the USC 36

-After 5 year penalization, Ehlinger passes left to Dorian Leonard for 3 yards to the USC 22

-Texas' Joshua Rowland makes a 39-yard field goal to bring the score to 10-14 USC.

Fourth Quarter

-USC starts the fourth with a 12 yard rush from Joseph Leis IV for 12 yards to the USC 41 yard line.

-At 3rd and 5 Darnokd's pass to Tyler Vaughs for 1 y yard to the 47-yard line

-Texas takes the ball to 1st and 10 with a 17 yard rush to the 19-yard-line from Collin Johnson.

-Jerrod Heard manages to move the Longhorns 4 yards further down the field t the 23rd-yard line.

-Texas loses the ball with an incomplete pass from Ehlinger

-USC regains the ball but sufferers two incomplete passes from Quarterback Sam Darnold.

-Darnold's pass to the middle is intercepted by Deshon Elliot of Texas. He gains 24 yards for the Longhorns.

-The Longhorns tie the game up at 17-17 in the fourth quarter to take the game into overtime.


-USC kicks off the overtime with a pass to Deontay Burnett for a 25 -yard touchdown

-USC makes the field goal to up the score 24-17 Trojans

-UT responds with a pass completion from Sam Ehlinger to Cade Brewer for a 3-yard touchdown.

-With a field goal from UT, the game is tied 24-24

-Following two incomplete passes from Sam Darnold, USC makes a 43-yard field goal to win the game 24-27.

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