Off the beaten path in between Round Rock and Pflugerville resides a small private high school softball program which has reached the final four, "just going to state is such a blessing for us because we are the underdogs", said Corcordia High School 2nd baseman, Kailee Guentzel.
A dozen young ladies have overcome some serious odds to advance to the TAPPS, Division 3 state tournament.
One glaring disadvantage is the lack of equipment and they don't have a true on-campus practice facility.
Concordia shortstop, Clara Bartels said, "we have like two bats everyone has to use and we have like 5 helmets".
I asked Concordia head softball coach, Ronnie Tidwell to describe the programs lack of resources. Tidwell said, 
" We travel 30-minutes to go practice. We practice on a little league field and sometimes fly balls go over the fence".
But, these young ladies faced a bigger challenge when their head coach left the program during the season.
That's when two dads of players stepped up, Ronnie Tidwell and Jason Bartels.
"It wasn't just two dads coaching us, coaching us through life and through the game, it was amazing", said Guentzel. 
What's amazing is Concordia has won a lot, with less.
Two wins away from a state title.