Calling it the "first of its kind in college athletics," Baylor University and developers announced Monday a new mobile app for use during football games.

Backed up by a new "robust" wi-fi network in the stadium, the app, called Baylor In-Game, will allow fans in the stands to watch instant replays from multiple angles on their mobile devices during the game.

The app is available for download now, but the replays will only be available to people on the stadium's network at games.

The director of mobility and applications for developer Extreme Networks, Mike Leibovitz, said Monday it's a "world class" and "NFL-grade" system.

He said several professional football teams use similar apps, including the Tennessee Titans, the New England Patriots, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

But Baylor will be the first collegiate team with the In-Game app, he said.

Fans can "be their own director," said John Garrison, associate athletic director of marketing for Baylor.

The app will also allow for captions on the replays.

It was developed by Extreme Networks and YinzCam. The two companies provided a demonstration Monday morning.

In addition to live replays, fans will have access to team rosters and live stats throughout the game.

Twenty students from the university's business school will be on hand to serve as "wi-fi coaches," helping app users configure their connections.

The app will also provide parking maps to fans.

Monday's announcement came in advance of the final media tour of the new McLane Stadium before the Bears' first kickoff on August 31.