Stephen Shipley is constantly coaching his offense throughout the Marble Falls Faith Academy practice, "As soon as he turns his hips to run, boom break across".

Coaching receivers comes natural for Stephen Shipley.

Maybe it's because he once was a pass catcher at TCU.

I asked Shipley was does 1992 and a certain goalpost means to him. Shipley said, "

"Well,we had an unexpected event. Our claim to fame was beating Texas for the 1st time in 20-years."

Shipley and the Horned Frogs tore the goal posts down after that win in Fort Worth.

Since then, the Shipley name has been a mainstay in football in Texas. His brother Bob's two sons Jordan and Jaxson Shipley played receiver at Texas and were roommates with the McCoys, Colt and Case. So, I had to ask the Faith Academy head football coach, if any of his college roommates with the last name, McCoy. Shipley said," No, I didn't. I had different ones. I've heard that somewhere before."

He has a sense of humor and he also has a passion for coaching football just like his brother who is the head coach at Belton High School.

For the past 8 years, Shipley has been involved with the football program at Faith Academy in Marble Falls and became the head coach prior to this season. One of Shipley's athletes, Isaac Oliver said, "He's kind of like my dad. He's a great coach for sure".

A Shipley as a coach who has Faith Academy in position to experience the post season.

"We're in a 3-game season, if we win 2 of those games we go to the playoffs", Shipley said.

A significant improvement considering Faith Academy had 1 win in 2-years prior to this season.