SEGUIN, Texas - Telecommunications officers saved a woman who had been held against her will earlier this month, according to the Seguin Police Department.

The incident started when police said dispatchers received a 911 open-line call on Feb. 10 and heard a man and a woman arguing in the background.

SPD said Jessica Martin, a telecommunications officer, heard a woman on the call saying that a man wanted to commit suicide and that she was afraid of him. Moments later, the line disconnected and Martin tried contacting the caller again several times.

When she eventually did reach the caller, the woman on the line told Martin that everything was ok. They were reportedly disconnected.

"She would hang up, and I'd call her back. We'd lose connection, or she'd hang up because he was suspicious," said Martin. "At this point, your experience and your training kicks in."

The first 911 call came from the area of the Seguin Chevrolet dealership near I-10 and Guadalupe Street.

Police said the telecommunications office became suspicious of this behavior and was able to make contact with the victim once again. Once contact was reestablished, telecommunications officer Denera White asked the victim a "series of simple questions to understand where she was and how they could help her."

Officers found out that the woman was traveling north on the SH 130 Tollway outside of Seguin and headed toward Austin.

The Seguin Police Department also posted recordings of the 911 calls on its Facebook page.

"One of the times she started acting like I was her mom, so I started asking yes and no questions and she started answering," said White. "Then she said, 'Why don't I just text you?' and I said, 'Ok.' I spit out my number, and she remembered it."

Austin police also used a helicopter to search from the air.

"They're looking for you to help. Do you see the helicopter? Hang in there. We will find you. Have faith," White told the victim in a text message. "I think at one point she actually made eye contact with the pilot , which was pretty cool. He said on the radio, 'She just looked at me. I have them'," said White.

"Sometimes we wouldn't hear from her and it was a little nerve-wracking because then you're thinking, 'Did he get her phone? Does he know what he's doing?' It was a chance we had to take, though, because we had to save her," said White.

A spokeswoman for the Travis County Sheriff's Office said us law enforcement officials stopped the pair near Trailside Estates Boulevard and Jarrod Lee Cove in east Austin.

Enrique Nunez Leiner, 41, was arrested and charged with unlawful restraint in connection with this case.

"That was a win for us. We hung up and cheered," White said.

Communication between the Seguin Police Department, Austin Police Department and Travis County Sheriff's Office lasted well over an hour until the pair was found.

"In 15 years you see a lot, but this was a case all on its own," said Martin.

"On this day like many others, the Seguin Police Department's telecommunication's division represented our agency's values, training level and compassion. We would absolutely commend our outstanding telecommunication division and give thanks to Austin Police Department and the Travis County Sheriff's Office for their caring attitude and determination in solving this case," said Seguin Police Department Chief Kevin Kelso.