Just days after 59 people lost their lives in Las Vegas, fears of a similar attack in Austin are a reality.

Leaders at the iconic Austin City Limits music festival have decided to refund ticket costs for music fans who are uncomfortable attending.

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The crowds, the excitement, the atmosphere -- all are reasons why people go to ACL.

It would have been the first time for Edward Flowers, who was focused on the music.

"I'm not really big on crowds, but it was an opportunity for some acts I really wanted to see," he said.

That was his plan until the mass shooting in Las Vegas changed everything early Monday morning.

Flowers is a war veteran. He spent two tours in Iraq and says the training that helped him survive is always with him.

"I still drive to this day and I'm still scanning sectors and it's kind of a part of you. When I go into places I try not to have my back to anything, I try to have visuals."

Flowers left the U.S. Army five years ago and came home with PTSD.

The thought of going to ACL after such violence is more than he can bear.

"When you're supposed to be enjoying yourself and enjoying music that you love and vibing with people, you never want to have that threat looming over your head of 'Who's gonna shoot me', or 'Is there gonna be a bomb?'" Flowers explained.

It turns out he isn't the only one concerned.

When he heard ACL was offering refunds for people uncomfortable with going to the festival, he jumped at the chance.

"Because they didn't have to do that at all," he explained. "They just could've said 'If you don't want to come try and sell them' but they gave that option and, like I said, it was a no-brainer."

Flowers says he may get tickets again next year if the violence subsides.

KVUE reached out to ACL organizers to find out how many people have taken advantage of the refund program. At the time this story was published we had not heard back.