Toll lane rates in Central Texas are going up beginning Jan 1, 2018, according to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

Mobility officials said rates will increase by approximately $0.01 - $0.03. The toll lanes include the 183A toll, 290 toll and the 71 toll. The Mopac Express Lane won't be impacted by this change.

According to the Mobility Authority, with an inflation-based adjustment for customers with an electronic tag, the cost of a full-length trip on the 183A toll would increase by six cents. The cost of a full-length trip on the 290 toll would increase by five cents, and a trip on the 71 toll lane would add two cents to the total cost.

Toll lane signs will be updated to reflect the price changes before they go into effect.

Officials said the rate increases are a part of the Mobility Authority's policy to adjust for inflation, which is used to avoid larger increases every five years.

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