A hike and bike trail might be the relief Austin-area drivers need for their traffic headaches.

If legislators pass Senate Bill 858 and its companion House Bill 1726 this session, Capital Metro is considering using one of 31 corridors. The legislation would allow the transportation authority to build up to 30 miles of track without voter approval.

Even with lawmakers' help, these possible solutions are still five to 25 years off depending on the complexity of the project.

The old Missouri Kansas Texas railroad path, often called the MoKan corridor, now a hike and bike trail is one of the options. But, there's one potential problem: adding a commuter rail or a big road along there would disrupt the homes and apartments nearby.

"Noise is going to impact them a bunch and this is a pretty old community," said Miguel Salazar. "My parents live here. It's real [sic] quiet ".

Miguel Salazar grew up in this neighborhood and figures change is inevitable.

"[It's a] double edged sword for sure, but that's what we have to deal with when your city is growing pretty fast," Salazar said.

Nothing is for sure yet. Right now, voters must still decide whether to build these projects.

"It's way too early for us to say that these are the modes that we're going to devote to certain corridors," said Cap Metro Spokesperson Amy Peck. "It's really going to be determined by public input".

Check out the corridor options here: ProjectConnect.com

Find out how to give your input here.