Drivers in Austin can get a bad wrap for clogging up Austin's freeways, but are they the worst in the country?

The short answer to that broad question is no. But Austin does have the worst drivers in Texas, according to a report by Quote Wizard.

According to the Seattle-based marketing service, Austin ranks 30th out of the 75 most populous metro areas in the country.

The firm said they used over two million data points from 2016 for their report that analyzed accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations.

So where do other major Texas cities rank?

According to this study, Texas is home to some of the best drivers with San Antonio at 48th, Dallas at 55th, Houston at 60th and El Paso at 64th.

When it comes to the worst drivers, California keeps a good sum of them.

The capital city of California, Sacramento, ranked the worst with the highest rate of traffic citations in the country. It also ranks among the top for DUI's and accidents.

Six other California cities rank in the top 15 for bad drivers.

When it comes to the best drivers, Detroit, Michigan takes the cake, with the lowest accident rate and speeding citations.

Also rounding out the top cities for good drivers are Providence, Rhode Island; Orlando, Florida, and Miami, Florida.