You could say we were spoiled.

After all, we've been showing some national stories of snow in the Rockies, and even a few flakes flying in Chicago. All the while, we've been basking in near-record highs the last few weeks.

All of that is about to change with a massive cold front moving through the area Saturday afternoon.

Ahead of the front, strong South winds have helped bring up temperatures to nearly 80 before lunchtime. Behind it, those winds switch to the North, carrying some very chilly Canadian air. If you were expecting rain with this front, keep waiting; moisture out ahead of the front will effect the AR-LA-TEX region, but Austin should remain dry.

In fact, expect even more sunshine as that cool and dry air moves in.

It's that- combined with the clear skies tonight that will help push temperatures down into the 40s in the city, 30s in some of the 'burbs tonight into Sunday morning. Not cold enough for ya? Sunday night into Monday will likely be one of the coolest nights in a while, with lows in the upper 30s even here in the Austin metro.

The good news is that mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies are expected for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Just keep some sweaters and jackets around for the evenings; temps will likely stay chilly from here on out through the holiday weekend!

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak