Social Media can't get enough of the story about a man suing a woman for $17.31 for texting during their movie date and leaving him at the theater.

Even some of the KVUE daybreak team put in their two cents on the bizarre story, admitting everyone has good, bad and sometimes dreadful dates.

KVUE's Jay Wallis admitted he too had a date walk out on him!

Her reason: He didn't like chocolate.

She told him she "couldn't handle" that he didn't like that specific treat.


When Wallis posted his story on Twitter, more "tragic" yet hilarious stories started rolling in.

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Patrick (@PaddyMcOz) said his date puked on him before hitting the road.

Megan Montgomery said a guy interested in history asked her on a date to see a historical movie. But, he ghosted her.

Joseph Curry said his date didn't like dogs. So, their story ended pretty swiftly.

Some people even shared their date deal breakers.

For Gary Dinges (@gdinges), talking about marriage or the honeymoon on a first date is a no-no.

That goes along with meeting the parents and the rest of the family, Katie Lynch
(@Misskate3839) tweeted.

Lastly, there's the age-old rule: make your first impression your best impression.

"Bad Teeth" won't do you any favors, says @Romeobluez.