AUSTIN -- In a room filled with shiny, new and restored automobiles, there are five cars at Motostalgia Auctions headquarters in Austin that stand out above all the rest.

"In the condition that we found them, it is the holy grail for any car guy," said Motostalgia Auctions owner Antonio Burnet.

The five cars may be covered in dust, but they are all extremely rare pre-WWII automobiles in original condition.

Burnet found them in a barn in Cedar Park after the owner called him. The owner, who wants to remain anonymous beyond his first name Jack, put the cars in the barn in 1972.

"He's into his late 80s now and realizes that he's running out of time," said Burnet, who told KVUE "when I opened those doors in Jack's barn it was like stepping back in time. Literally like a time machine.

"We're extremely proud to be lucky enough to have found Jack and for Jack to trust us with these cars," he said.

The star of the collection is a 1932 Cadillac V-12 Convertible that Burnet estimates is worth up to $500,000 or more at auction.

"It's a one off. It's one of one, it's one of the rarest Cadillac's out there," Burnet said.

Another car discovered in the barn is a 1938 Cadillac V-16 Limousine. Burnet said the car was originally owned by the Wrigley family and has never been restored.

Other barn treasures include a 1933 V-12 Cadillac Coupe, a 1908 Reo Roadster and a 1923 Milburn Electric Model 27L, one of the first electric cars ever made.

One of the stipulations the car's owner Jack requested is that all the cars run before they are auctioned off. So far, three of the five cars are running.

"For a car that has been sitting for nearly 50 years, it truly is a testament to the craftsmanship of Cadillac back in the 30s and Jack's ability to properly care for the cars," said Burnet.

All these pieces of automotive history are out of a barn and going onto the auction block. Burnet tells KVUE he plans to sell them at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on June 12.

Go here for pictures of the cars and a more detailed history.